New phone 7 vs. Iphone 6

THE 7 vs. THE 6

There is no audiojack on the 7 so then that means you have to wait for it to charge and them use it for audio actions that require head phones
The battery life ie way more in the 7 by 7 hours so then is can bbe benificual if you are a person that always uses a phone every single day for prolonged periods of time.
The screen size is the same for both phones, but the 7 has better quality on it then the 6.
Which Iphone is better, the iphone 7 or Iphone 6s?
How they both compare:
Phone: Camera audiojack Battery Life Screen size
IPHONE 7: telephoto lens, more conservative saturation and contrast No audiojack 21 hours 4.7 inches by 5.5 inches
IPHONE 6S: 8MP affair,'Focus Pixels', faster autofocus and improved clarity to your shots. 3.5 mm audio jack 14 hours 4.7" by 5.5" inches

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