Education Station Replaced by Dollar Tree!!!

Education Station

WORRIED PARENT ALERT:To start off, I used to go to this store in which they had everything I needed. Education Station was one of the best stores that kids could shop at for school supplies and teacher would always recommend this store to me and I would always find the best deals there.The deals were so good that on all kids supplies that would cost like $300 in other stores, for all of the school year we would spend about $60-80.

I loved that store because everyone was so nice and they would give us all cold water on hot days and hot Cocoa in the cold and my kids were freinds of the children of the owner of the store and we would always get the best deals. Education Station even supported the WWF because they care about animals and they spend about 7.77 billion dollars a year to it. Mostly, It was the best place ever for parents and their kids to bond with becuse in the playground there, we would take walks and eat ice cream or drink the Cocao given by them. The staff's mission their just wanted everyone to feel happy for the hour or two at the store, and I could tell you that it worked and the store was always busy because of that. Dollar Tree,on the other hand, is a different story...

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree, on the other hand, is a different story...

...The Dollar Tree that replaced the Education Station is a step down from what it originally was. Even if the store is less money, they have less quality. I remenber I bought a hanger set of 6 with 2 more in the packet and I remeber it held for 2 hours but then four of them just broke in the moring and the clothes were scattered everwhere. If you that the quality was bad, the staff was even worse. I remember that I asked a 16 year old student working there to find where the hangers were, and she said aisle 18. I would have found the hangers with that information alone, but there were only 15 aisles. I asked her again, this time she gave me the most bothered look ever and said the same thing again. I told her she was wrong and you know what she did? She called me skitzafrenik and kicked me out of the store. I left almost empty handed until I got the hangers quickly and threw the money at the employee. So I hate the staff. Finally, the worst one of all the bathroom. I remeber that the bathroom was so bad and look so bad that it smelled like it was not washed in like 50 years. I saw a cacroach in the sink that had 10 other mini roaches next to it and I almost died throwing up.

I remember I was talking with the owner of Education station and he said The store was running out of money because I spent it on a buissness share with Dollar Tree. The Owner of the Tree, Marty Tree, snuck in that the Education Station would shut down forever and never be trademarked ever again. Newton Appleson: Declared Feb. 8 2016. RIP Feb. 9 2016.

How WE can solve the issue

I think that we should band together and take down Tree and use the spirit that Appleson had and bring back his store to life and bring back to the way he wanted it. We need to stop the corrupted from taking over and bring back the loving spirit that families gave us like Appleson. Join the petision at www. IS A FAKE NEWS ARTICLE FYI!

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